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After that date beers will be brewed by Aldersbacher. The third member of the aida fleet with an onboard brewery, the aidamar, was delivered earlier this month and is now on its maiden voyage. A former bakery in Offenburg is now home to Friedrich Bier. In fact, it will be in the old Sächsischer Bahnhof building, next to Gera Süd station. ( Alex Deuerlein ) niedersachsen Kaspar Schulz are in the process of building a brewery for the Hofschänke in Wagenfeld. Plans have been approved for Paulaner to build a new brewery in the Langwied district of München. Operated by a brewing club, the beer has appeared at least one event but I'm not convinced it can be considered commercial. (Sascha Bruns) 31st August 2015 There'll be plenty of news posted over the coming days. Several local sources report Behringer in Vohenstrauß no longer brews. (Paul Lockwood, Willi Reber) 8th December 2014 bayern Today's news comes courtesy of Harald Scheider and Ralph Forster's excellent new Bierführer Ostbayern. The house beers now come from elsewhere in the Carlsberg empire. It seems part of the former Brauerei Wieser in Wiesmühl may now be occupied by Brauerei Stallbauer. (JS) niedersachsen Marienbräu in Jever is to reopen a week Saturday. (Joerg Nierbauer) mecklenburg-vorpommern The brewing equipment from Kliesow's Reuse in Alt Reddewitz has been sold.

of owner Ewald Metzler at the ripe old age. 26th August 2013 baden-WÜrttemberg Donald Neuland visited Riegel recently and found the equipment at Römerbräu dismantled. (Mat Wilson, Alex Deuerlein, Patrick Walters) I've heard similar rumours before but now Mat Wilson has been told by a former employee that Bönnsch hasn't brewed for a long time, possibly 10 years. The website is offline and I cannot get an answer from the tap (whose email address doesn't work). (AD) nordrhein-westfalen Weißbräu in Köln closed earlier in the summer due to financial problems. 17th September 2015 bayern Schloßbrauerei Scherneck stopped brewing around this time last year. Whether beer is still being brewed on the premises is uncertain. They hope to resume once the weather is cooler. It is now located at Hotel Gasthof Neumaiers Hirsch.

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Although the pub remains open under new management, the brewery was removed last year by the previous owner. In 1992, Josef Papelitzky started brewing at his home in Wolfersdorf as a hobby. (RD) rheinland-pfalz Brewing has been suspended at Brauhaus in Grünstadt but should resume in October. Brauhaus bei der Göltzsch) in Greiz is for sale. Saarland, herz Heimat opened last year on single apartment norderney schwabach land that was once part of amateur porno darsteller neue erotische geschichten Brauerei Becker. 14th January 2009 bayern Brauerei Deil in Osterberg stopped brewing in the second half of 2007. There are plausible rumours that Weissbräu Bauer in Triftern may have closed. (Stefan Naumann) bayern Brauerei Hausham closed in January due to financial problems and the property has been auctioned by the former owner's bank. They seem to be brewing at the Bauernhof in Wölfersheim but there's barely a mention on their website. Andreas Gänstaller has now moved from Beck in Trabelsdorf to the old single apartment norderney schwabach Friedel brewery in Schnaid. L öwenbrauerei Braunlingen's tap has closed.

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